Ruku Kumar Design Studio: Where Fashion and Functionality Meet

Ruku’s unique aesthetic combines prints and colors with clean, modern silhouettes, creating pieces that are suitable for a global audience.

Rukinder Kumar, fashionably known in the industry as Ruku Kumar is an artist who summons the best of you with her outfits.

With her clientele being people who love sumptuous living, Ruku Kumar finds herself working with them regularly as they lay their trust in her skill sets.

At an age where most of us can’t even decide what we want for our next meal, Ruku Kumar finds herself clear as day in the world of fashion, 15 and fabulous. In an era where the internet was still an adolescent, this young soul would scavenge every edition one could find in the streets, be mesmerized by what took place in the fashion world, and begin creating magic. Thus began the journey of a thousand stitches.

Fast forward to this moment and you are in Ruku’s world. A place where all her life’s experiences are turned into a glamorous walk-in store. It is here where you start to see her vision. Each piece is designed to be fashionable and functional. Her signature hand-done cut works, fitting envisioned for a day in a woman’s life, and the use of the finest fabrics around are all the reasons why her customers are always looking forward to her next masterpiece.

Ruku’s unique aesthetic combines prints and colors with clean, modern silhouettes, creating pieces that are suitable for a global audience. Her calm nature and elegant sense of fashion reflect in every outfit as you witness a graceful piece that seems to understand you flawlessly.

There is a certain maturity that exuberates in her collection and when you put on an outfit, you feel a graceful change in your posture leaning you towards a more confident you.

Her designs are instantly recognizable in a crowded room as you notice the wearer to be more poised, and surrounded by a positive aura, such is the essence of Ruku carried down to every outfit.

Ruku Kumar Design Studio is the brainchild of two passionate women – Ruku Kumar and Komal Arora. Ruku is the creative force behind the brand, while Komal brings her strong business acumen to the table, making them a dynamic duo. Komal has played a pivotal role in bringing this passion to life, from orchestrating the funding and incubation of the studio to marketing and strategy for the label. The studio is a testament to their shared love and passion for design, and their vision to make it accessible to all. Together, they have created the Ruku Kumar label, a unique and luxurious collection that caters to the modern-day fashionista.

At Ruku Kumar Design Studio, you’ll discover a one-of-a-kind experience where collections cater to any moment in your day. Whether you’re attending a daytime brunch, an evening social event, a wedding celebration, or just hanging out with friends and family, Ruku Kumar Label has got you covered. Their Brunch Edit and Scintiller collections offer options for the day and night, respectively, while their Wedding Party collection is perfect for any wedding occasion. And for versatile everyday wear, the Elevated Staples collection is the go-to choice. Ruku caters to anyone with a keen sense of fashion and appreciation for understated luxury.

You can visit the studio at 46, Castle Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.


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